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Apr 262012
Darragh MacAnthony Appears in Marbella Court

Peterborough United Chairman and former CEO of MRI Overseas Property, Darragh MacAnthony, appeared in a closed court session in Marbella on April 25th 2012 to answer charges that his company defrauded clients when taking money for furniture packs that were not consequently delivered.

Sep 022012
MacAnthony Media

Darragh MacAnthony has announced the launch of a new Media initiative called MacAnthony Media, that he claims will bring the Media in a new direction.

Jun 162011
Confusion Reigns in MacAnthony Case

Darragh MacAnthony of MRI Overseas Property claims that he has been cleared by a Madrid court but the solicitor taking the case against him says it has merely been moved to Marbella.

Jun 052011
MacAnthony Accused of Misappropriation

Darragh MacAnthony features in the Daily Mail, with claims that he, along with two other former joint chief executives of MRI, now face legal action in Spain after hundreds of people allegedly lost millions because of the company.

Apr 032016
MRI is Back in Business

Darragh MacAnthony is back in business. He is hoping his Florida Homes LLC, Spain Homes SL and America Homes Expo companies will rekindle the flame of overseas property buying that made his name.

Jan 232011
MRI Overseas Property March

A group of clients of MRI Overseas Property, owned by Dubliner Darragh MacAnthony, staged a protest march in London on January 4th. The protesters handed in a petition against MRI and its lawyers, Carter Ruck, at No. 10 Downing Street.