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May 242017
Report French Leaseback to Consumer Commission

Report French Leaseback to Consumer Commission If you own a French Leaseback property and feel that you got a raw deal, then it is highly recommended that, if you haven’t done so already, you should make your case to the relevant national consumer protection authority. The French, UK & Irish competition authorities are currently compiling a list of >> More

Jan 192017
French Leaseback Petition

French Leaseback Petition This article on a recently launched French Leaseback petition appeared in the Irish Times on Thursday January 19th 2017. You can find the online article at There is also a scanned copy of the hard-copy piece as it appeared on the day below. You will find a number of other articles I’ve >> More

Aug 282013

French Leaseback Scam – Sold on Guaranteed rental, VAT rebate & as a ‘hands off’ investment. Beware the hype – you’ll be told otherwise when you purchase, but leasebacks are all but impossible to sell.

Jun 212010

French Leaseback property has been somewhat of a darling of the Irish overseas property investor for over half a decade now. There are signs, however, that it is a product in sever difficulty as a number of operators have either shut down or reduced rentals significantly.

Jul 062012
French Propose to Tax Foreign Property Owners

The French government announced tax hikes on Foreign Property Owners. Tax on rental income could rise from 20% to 35.5%, applied retrospectively from January 1, 2012 and CGT on sales would rise from 19% to 34.5% from the end of July.

May 082011
Why so Tough on Leaseback?

French leaseback is, once again, being heavily promoted as an ‘investment product’, but in my opinion it does not, in fact, qualify for this classification.

Oct 122012
Commercial Property Investment Overseas

Contrary to what you may be led to believe by the media, Commercial Property Investment Overseas has been, and still is, very successful for investors that took the time and effort to research markets properly.