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Jan 192017
French Leaseback Petition

French Leaseback Petition This article on a recently launched French Leaseback petition appeared in the Irish Times on Thursday January 19th 2017. You can find the online article at There is also a scanned copy of the hard-copy piece as it appeared on the day below. You will find a number of other articles I’ve >> More

Nov 112016
Montenegro Feature in Irish Times

Montenegro Feature in Irish Times In October 2016 I wrote a piece on Montenegro for the Irish Times. You can find it online here – Unfortunately, the online versions never read as well as the hard-copy printed versions, so here is the piece in its entirety as it appeared in the Irish Times.

May 182016
Spanish Property Deposit Reclaim

A recent landmark Spanish Supreme Court ruling means that you can now reclaim a Spanish property deposit from the financial institution with which your deposit was placed.

May 092016
Irish Times Marbella Feature

An Irish Times Marbella Feature appeared in Saturday’s ‘Home & Design’ section, but the associated properties didn’t materialise with the online article. For those of you who missed the properties in the online version I’ve included them in this post.

Apr 182016
Kevin McGeever Interview

‘Why is Kevin McGeever not in jail?’. He has defrauded individuals everywhere he has gone and now lives in relative comfort in an upmarket apartment in Clontarf, despite owing millions to duped ‘clients’.