Investigation into Michael Fingleton in Montenegro

Montenegrin authorities are investigating Michael Fingleton relating to claims of ‘money laundering, fraud, abuse of office and faking balance sheets’, offences many people feel he should be charged with in Ireland.

Cypriot Property Prices to Fall

It may seem obvious, but Cypriot property prices are likely to fall steeply. What is less obvious is the affect on overseas owners there, which could be severe. On the ‘ill wind’ front, however, there could be some great bargains to be had.

Kevin McGeever Abduction Hoax

Kevin McGeever, the west of Ireland developer found wandering near Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim in January this year, has admitted that his ‘abduction’ was an elaborate hoax to escape disgruntled ‘investors’ who had given him money for development projects in Dubai.