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Reclaim Lost Property Payments in Spain

Spanish Property Payment Reclaim

A Spanish legal ruling in 2015 means you can reclaim lost property payments in Spain from the bank. But don’t delay, the ability to apply will disappear in less than a year. In September 2020 the ability to reclaim will have passed. So now is the time to act in order to reclaim lost property payments in Spain.

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Car Hire in Spain

Car Hire is an issue for anybody who has, or aspires to, a property in Spain. It is also an issue for those on holiday or on short business trips. These are just a few observations.

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Burnt By The Sun

Buying a Spanish Holiday Home

Burnt By The Sun is an RTE documentary that examines the problems encountered by those who have purchased property overseas and discusses any potential remedies available to them, if any.

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Diarmaid Condon’s Travel Blog

I’ve been writing about overseas property since 2000, nineteen years as I type this post. I’ve loved it, this has been such a wonderful career and I’m thankful for everything that it has brought me. Over the intervening years I’ve travelled around the world quite a bit. This was particularly…

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Agua Clara, Torrox, Deposit Reclaim

Agua Clara, Torrox, Deposit Reclaim. A landmark Spanish Supreme Court ruling means that you can now reclaim a Spanish property deposit from the financial institution with which your deposit was placed.

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Registering your Spanish Rental Property

It has been reported in Spain that on-the-ground inspections of unlicensed tourist rentals are set to begin this month. The Irish Times reported in early 2016 that registering tourist properties would become obligatory under the newly introduced Vivienda con Fines Turísticos (VFT). The law, introduced by the ‘Registro de Turismo…

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