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May 242017
Report French Leaseback to Consumer Commission

Report French Leaseback to Consumer Commission If you own a French Leaseback property and feel that you got a raw deal, then it is highly recommended that, if you haven’t done so already, you should make your case to the relevant national consumer protection authority. The French, UK & Irish competition authorities are currently compiling a list of >> More

Apr 302016
Selling a Berlin Property

The Berlin property market has made very strong gains over the past decade. If you’ve owned a property there for 10 years or more now may be a good time to consider selling.

Apr 012016
Spanish Inheritance Tax Reclaim

If you paid Spanish Inheritance or Gift tax in the past 4 years you were probably overcharged. Due to an EU ruling you are most likely entitled to a refund and, if you qualify, there is a 100% reclaim success rate.

Feb 112016
Car Hire in Spain

Car Hire is an issue for anybody who has, or aspires to, a property in Spain. It is also an issue for those on holiday or on short business trips. These are just a few observations.

Jun 092015
Guaranteed Rental in Canada

The Irish economy must be on the up – estate agents are pushing property in overseas locations like Canada again. All the old tricks, like short term rental guarantees, are also poking their heads up.

Nov 082014
Property Logic – Moroccan Developer

Property Logic – Moroccan Developer This piece of advice on the Moroccan market was very kindly written by Jorge Garcia Larios who is a property expert based in Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Morocco. It deals with the topic of developers that are experiencing financial difficulties but still maintain assets in the Kingdom of Morocco. The >> More

May 202014
Sourcing Irish Investment Property

Particularly of interest if you are not Irish based but would like to consider investing there. Sterling and Dollar based investors currently have significant advantages over Euro based buyers. It is a good time to be in the market.

Mar 212013
Is Banners Broker Gone?

Has the ponzi nature of Banners Broker caught up with the ill-conceived organisation and taken it, along with all its ‘investors’ cash in to a great big black hole. Has that much hyped Straight Line Cycler Doubler gone, as anticipated, straight down the loo?