Burnt By The Sun

Burnt By The Sun

Coming to your screens soon is a documentary series by Cornelia Street Productions for RTE TV, called ‘Burnt By The Sun’. Despite the rather salacious title, the premise of the series is rather more serious than it might first appear. Its intention is to examine the problems encountered by Irish citizens who have purchased property abroad and discuss any potential remedies available to them, if any.Burnt By The Sun

If you have any issues you feel may be of interest to the documentary team, drop an email to jess@corneliastreetproductions.com.

The Press Release from the ‘Burnt By The Sun’ PR team runs as follows:

Burnt By The Sun

‘Burnt by The Sun’ is a two part documentary series for RTE, Ireland’s national broadcaster, which may also potentially be screened by other broadcasters.

It is due for transmission in March 2020. Filming will take place between November 2019 and January 2020. The main locations will be Spain, France, Bulgaria, Ireland, Dubai, Turkey, Portugal and Cape Verde.

Irish people share their stories of buying property abroad during Celtic Tiger times and the road they’ve travelled since. The programme will reveal how, over fifteen years later, some buyers are still struggling to escape what has become a never-ending nightmare. Others are resigned to the ongoing cost of their investment while many continue to battle on, trying to recoup their losses.

Each of our stories will focus on a different dilemma – those who bought off-plan property that was never completed, buyers still paying hefty mortgages today for their unrealised dreams. Illegally built homes, some demolished or awaiting the arrival of the bulldozers, many without access to basic utilities like water and electricity. As a result, the properties are uninhabitable and unsaleable.

Some buyers have discovered their leases are virtually perpetual and selling-on involves fines and penalties often greater than the value of the property.

Overseas owners continue to wrestle with difficult decisions in the face of, in some instances, plummeting values with uninhabitable or unsaleable homes.

Experts will offer insights into those who took the plunge and those who are still thinking of investing or buying their dream holiday home today. We will update on recent developments whereby old laws have been dusted off, enforced but also amended and reveal new laws that have been put in place.

Archive material will remind us of the economic climate of the time and the lure of easy return and ‘risk free’ investments.

Where possible, we will offer hope, advice and new options to those navigating through difficulties with overseas properties and ask decision makers and influencers what they can and will do to protect Irish and European consumers with property abroad. As we ask the question – would buying abroad today be any different?

Cornelia Street Productions
16 Fitzwilliam Square E,
Dublin 2,
D02 H271
00353 1 662 1030

Burnt By The Sun

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