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I’ve been writing about overseas property since 2000, nineteen years as I type this post. I’ve loved it, this has been such a wonderful career and I’m thankful for everything that it has brought me.

Over the intervening years I’ve travelled around the world quite a bit. This was particularly the case in Ireland’s heyday of investing in new weird and wonderful places. At that time places you may never have considered as potentials for investment popped up on the radar. It could well be argued that people who invested in some of those places shouldn’t have done so. It is easy be wise with hindsight. The person who never made a mistake never did anything as they say. But it whetted my appetite for visiting places that I just wished to travel to, without any property connections.

The roll call of destinations that started this off included China, India, Mauritius, Brazil, Cape Verde, Morocco, Albania, Dubai, the Balkans (Croatia & Montenegro) and the Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia), This was on top of a slew of more regularly trodden shores such as Spain, the Spanish Islands (Balearics and Canaries), Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Canada and the USA. Even though it is a fairly big list, it is short a lot of places, and I’d really like to visit some more to add them to the list. I’d also like to further document my experiences.

All in all I got a taste for travel. I love seeing and experiencing different cultures, coming face to face with creativity in all its expressions. As such I have continued to venture outside of areas which would now be considered by the Irish as ‘overseas property’ destinations. We’ve become a lot more circumspect about how and where we invest our money these days. It has meant that overseas property writing has become somewhat of a straitjacket at times.

In order to maintain my liking for experiencing differing cultures and documenting them, I’ve decided to add a travel element to a website which has, heretofore, been almost entirely about property. This should add an element of freedom to the writing, as always having to connect back to property can be a bit tedious at times. There are other things in the world about which it is worth talking and writing.

I’m looking forward to documenting what a variety of areas have to offer in terms of people, attractions, food and entertainment, to name but a few. Rather than just what can be found behind four walls that are ‘available to purchase at a price’.

I’m also hoping to beef up my Social Profiles a bit, as they are great ways to share bits and bobs encountered along the way. You can connect up with me on Facebook – www.facebook.com/diarmaidtravel, Twitter – www.twitter.com/diarmaidcondon, Instagram – www.instagram.com/diarmaidcondon. or YouTube – www.YouTube.com/diarmaidcondon.

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Diarmaid Condon is Ireland's foremost Independent Overseas Property Consultant and Journalist. He has been in the industry since 1995 and, in that time, has been a strong advocate for improved legal protection in the sector.

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