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Overseas Property Consultancy Services

Potential Overseas Investors.

Want to invest overseas but don’t know where to start?

Received information from a variety of vested interests but don’t know who to trust?

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Distressed Overseas Property Owner? – Don’t suffer alone – Look for Professional Advice.

Do you own a property overseas that has not performed as well as expected?

Do you have a French Leaseback Property for which you are receiving no rent?

Have you purchased property with an initial small deposit only to find that you cannot now afford to complete the purchase?

Have you put a deposit on a property only to find that your circumstances have changed and you are not now in a position to complete?

Have you purchased multiple investment properties off-plan which are now not worth the money it will take to complete the purchase?

Have you been misled by an agent selling you investment property that is now achieving little or no income?

Do you feel you have been mis-sold a property by an agent or developer?

Have you placed a deposit with a developer or agent that has become bankrupt?


You are not alone. These problems, and others, are very common.

The worst course of action is to do nothing and hope for the best.

Act now, take control, before the situation become irretrievable.

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Agent or developer looking to access the Irish market?
Whether you are looking for advice or a full service PR package then I can be of assistance.

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