Ireland’s Best Travel Writer

Ireland’s Best Travel Writer

You know what they say, there’s nothing like a bit of self-promotion. Well this is exactly what this is, no sugar coating at all. If you’re looking for Ireland’s best travel writer, I’d like to think I’d have a shot.Ireland's Best Travel Writer

My back-story (as you’ll probably have noticed from the website) is mostly tied up in overseas property. I wrote about it a lot back when it was a very popular topic of conversation – and thus reading. I’ve also written plenty about it as the financial crisis really started to bite and as things started to recover over the past half decade.

In the interim, however, I’ve not stopped travelling. As the opportunity to travel has overlapped a liking for writing, I’ve chosen to put together a travel blog. It is purely for the purposes of my own interests and doesn’t seek to promote any further interests other than reporting on interesting or noteworthy information I’ve come across.

What qualifies me as a Travel Writer

I’ve been on the move quite a lot since I started in the overseas property industry back in 1995. It’s been a while and I’ve covered a lot of ground in that period of time. I’ve also been a journalist since 2000. In the interim I’ve written for a plethora of publications including, but not limited to, the Sunday Business Post, the Irish Times, the Irish Examiner, the Sunday Independent, Irish Property Magazine, a Place in the Sun Magazine and Homes Overseas. Most of my writing until relatively recently was overseas property related. With the interest in overseas property declining following the financial crisis, and a dearth of new locations to visit, I just decided to travel and write for my own entertainment. So here we are.

Why do I think I’m Ireland’s Best Travel Writer

To be honest, I doubt I’m in the top 10, or top 50 for that matter. but what of it? I travel, I write, if someone wants to read it – that’s excellent. If not, that’s equally fine. Nobody’s writing is everybody’s cup of tea, so the more choice there is, the better.

The one thing I would say is that all my writing is totally independent, I am answerable to nobody. If I post anything with a vested interest I’ll tell you. This isn’t always the case in travel writing. A lot of the headline writers you’ll see (particularly if they’re affiliated with print newspapers) will be writing purely to fill space for their advertisers. It’s what they refer to as ‘serving the stakeholders’ (I kid you not, there isn’t a sliver of irony involved). Essentially, if a company advertises heavily in a publication they’ll expect that ‘editorial’ comes their way pretty frequently. So what you’re reading is essentially there to guide you toward their products and services. You’ve been warned.

I don’t have this issue, I travel purely because I love it and I get the opportunity to do it fairly often. If I come across things that are interesting I’ll write about them, with no vested interests.

So how do I follow Ireland’s Best Travel Writer?

Just pop over to my travel blog ( You can sign up for updates on the pop-up if you like, I don’t email too often, just occasionally. You’ll also find some posts on my Facebook account ( I use Twitter sparingly ( but use Instagram a bit more ( and use LinkedIn quite a lot (

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Diarmaid Condon is Ireland's foremost Independent Overseas Property Consultant and Journalist. He has been in the industry since 1995 and, in that time, has been a strong advocate for improved legal protection in the sector.

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