Who are the Bondholders Ireland won’t Burn?

Who are the Bondholders Ireland won’t Burn?

Today the Irish government has honoured its commitment to bondholders in Anglo Irish Bank – they are blaming Fianna Fáil for this but refuse to name just who these ‘unknown bondholders’ are – in fact Enda Kenny goes as far as saying he “doesn’t know who they are” despite the fact that they’ve been available all over the internet for weeks now.

The Government may claim they don’t know who these bondholders are, but David Malone, author of the Debt Generation, has published a list of them via Guido Fawkes – to jog their memories so to speak. And here’s the list:

List of the Bondholders the Irish Government doesn't want to burn

It will, no doubt, come as some solace to you that as you struggle, or fail, to pay your mortgage or put food on the table, these hard up bondholders will be enjoying the fruits of your labour.

If this peeves you in any way then print out the list and sent it to your TD and every member of the Government, just so they know exactly who got paid while you didn’t.

Here’s an email address for Mr. Kenny to get you started – economicpolicy@taoiseach.gov.ie and Mick Noonan, Minister for Doing What the Troika Tells Him (who was crying out to have the bond holders fried until he became said minister) michael.noonan@finance.gov.ie.  The list is located here – http://bit.ly/rSzb0Z.

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  2. Fredrick from Iceland

    Deny them any money Ireland its not your debt.

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