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International Administration ScamInternational Administration Scam

If you’ve been contacted by someone calling themselves Roger James, Christopher Blair or Tony Maynard (see comments at end of piece for references to Blair and Maynard) from a company referred to as International Administration relating to purchases from MRI Overseas Properties, be aware that this is a total scam. A few people have been in receipt of a phone call, with an email of the following, very dodgy looking, letter in Word format which seems to have been aimed at a database of former MRI clients. International Administration Scam Warning – stay well away from these guys, they’ll just cause you further financial loss.

This is not, by a long way, the first time that such companies have tried to extort further funds from MRI clients that, very often, are in trouble with their property purchases already. The MRI client database appears to have been sold quite widely, which means that such scammers are fairly common.

Note: If you do wish to apply to reclaim your payments for an incomplete Spanish Property (purchased from anybody, including MRI Overseas Properties), see the link at the bottom of this post to a legitimate operator that will take on a Ley 57/68 case against the bank on a genuine ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.

International Administration Scam Letter

The letter goes as follows:

[quote style=”1″]If you have been the victim of fraud, you may be hesitant to trust someone new with your affairs. At International Administration our first goal is to establish an honest and trustworthy relationship with you.

We help our clients with their complaints by exhaustively investigating the manner in which the problem has arisen, building a case based on this information. We then start to incorporate your case details into the individual claims. Due to the number of complaints being received now, with our knowledge and experience we are able to get our clients complaints heard and dealt with in an efficient and effective manner. We will not waste time or resources in legal action unless we believe we can be successful. We will only take on cases we will win.

Once an offer of compensation is made, we then ensure that the offer is in line with our assessment. We are experts in presenting arguments on your behalf, discovering the relevant facts and running a thorough investigation in every case.

The legal team assembled has incredible successes in the field of fraud. We specialize by focusing on individual cases only and NOT group action claims. Therefore we can offer a more professional and efficient service. We believe group action claims are not to the benefit of the client but to the benefit of the legal team employed. Individual claims historically are awarded a higher payout but with no extra cost.

A legal representative, who has specific knowledge in the field of the complaint, will be assigned to you as your direct contact. This legal representative will be available to you on a day-to-day basis to keep you fully informed in regard to the progress being made.

We cannot tell you in advance how long your complaint will take because no two cases are the same. What we can promise is that we will do our very best to help you win your claim.

Clients can also benefit from a network of professional services once contracted to International Administration.

The procedure we comply to is as follows:-

a)                  Establish your complaint.

b)                  Compile the information and issue contracts.

c)                  Upon receipt of the signed contracts a complaint file will be opened.

d)                 Translate all documents, Formulate the case and register your complaint officially (in the country the fraud was committed)

e)                  We will then receive paperwork confirming you have made a complaint. (inc. reference numbers etc)

f)                   You will now be registered into the system.[/quote]

In fact, Mr. James is so lazy that the above letter isn’t even original, it has been nicked – lock, stock and barrel – from the nondescript Phoenix Legal Services website. I’ve not done a lot of research into Phoenix Legal Services, but it appears it runs much the same ‘modus operandi‘ as Roger James and his International Administration outfit, so perhaps the similarity in content is not a coincidence.

International Administration Scam Contact Details

The letter purports to come from International Administration, International House, Avda. Mijas, 18-1, Alegria, Mijas Costa. 29640 from an email: The phone numbers given are: Phone: +(34) 661356961 Fax: 0872 110 3935

It also claims that “International Administration is the trading name of R.D. James. NIE X3595115P.”

This time around it appears that Mr. James couldn’t be bothered to spring for a €20 domain name to give his contact details even a semblance of legitimacy. He used to operate from the domain, but this appears to have become too much of a draw on the company’s resources, so it has been ditched. Times must be tough.

You may also be forwarded an equally hairy looking letter from CR Forbes, claiming to recommend the services of Intertational Administration.

The address is, allegedly, in Fuengirola, at least that’s what they tell you when you phone them up. The phone numbers do, in fact, work. Mr. James wasn’t available for comment when I rang them. They said they’d get him to ring back but, surprise, surprise, he didn’t.

In case that lot isn’t enough to convince you, there’s no need to take my word for it – Mr. James has ‘previous’, as they say, in this murky industry. If you take a look here you’ll find a report on him written back in 2010 by Tony Hetherington in the Daily Mail – here’s the interesting bit:

[quote style=”1″]The three companies were connected, but the connection was a thousand miles from Manchester at Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol. That is where I traced Roger David James, the man behind Glovista and Earlstream, and the man who, he admitted, also did marketing work for European Mediation.[/quote]

It is quite interesting that European Mediation pokes it’s head up here as it was another scam operation, doing exactly the same as Roger James appears to be doing once again – cold calling a database of former Fortuna Estates, MRI Overseas Properties and Instant Access/Inside Track customers, to name a few – particularly following the arrest of the principals of Fortuna Estates/Fortuna Land/Oanna for fraud in Spain.

Just be aware, if you give these guys any money you’ll never see it again and you’ll get absolutely nothing for the money you pay them.

Caveat Emptor.

Update: It appears that these calls or emails may also come in the name of ‘Christopher Blair’ and ‘Tony Maynard’, see comments below and many thanks to our readers Christopher and Ian, who highlighted these.

Other comanies: Another you can add to the above list is  Fastline Legal Services – a Nicola Kennard seems to do a lot of the cold calling. Same modus operandi, same MRI database, same end result. See here for warning from the Financial Conduct Authority. There is also a company called Delta Litigation, the usual caller is Julia Hill, Teresa Lawson, Laura Edwards or Tania Lorena Capozzoli – thanks to the readers for pointing this one out and see warning here.

Tania Lorena Capozzoli; E-mail:

Teresa Lawson, Senior Claims Advisor, Delta Litigation

Tel: General Enquiries (+34) 951 247 133 Fax 0871 266 8118


C/ Coronel Ripollet, Edif. Santos Rein 3ª, 29640, Fuengirola. CIF: B93268936

(Thanks to Peter and Alan for these names and contact details)

Catriona Hannington and Natasha Goodwin from Litigation Services seem to be contacting people claiming that MRI’s assets have been frozen and there is access to a fund to repay clients. There is no such fund, rest assured. These guys just want an up-front payment from you and you’ll never hear from them again – unless it is to get more money to ‘begin a case to recover your funds’. It is very believable, but completely untrue.

Litigation Services SL, Calle Coronel Ripollet Edf Santo Rein 3ºA Fuengirola 29640 Málaga
Web email
Phone: 0034-951-247-133 Fax: 08712668118 or Ireland 0044 8712668118
CIF: B93268936

(thanks to Barry, Marie & Michael for the Litigation Services names and contacts).

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International Administration Scam