Advertising Overseas Property in Ireland

Advertising Overseas Property in IrelandAdvertising Overseas Property in Ireland

With the demise of overseas property coverage in the print media in Ireland, I’ve been asked on a number of occasions about advertising overseas property in Ireland. There are a number of options, but I’m obviously here plugging my own one in this post. As you can see from the headline picture (and a more complete one further down the page), when it comes to advertising overseas property in Ireland there is just one choice. On the medium that matters these days – the internet – my own site comes up highest for the most searches relating to overseas property in the country.

If you just want to have your property listed on a straightforward property listing service then you could try the overseas property sections onĀ or, both would have a pretty wide audience in Ireland, but your property will just be chucked in there with lots of others. It’s very hit and miss and, in general, people have reported very little success with the money they’ve spent promoting their properties on either. There’s no opportunity for any editorial either, so the properties very much live or die by the listing they get – there’s nothing to tell the story.

If you want to get up the internet search listings for the phrases that matter to you then you need to be seen on this site – that’s probably how you found it to begin with. Just keep in mind that Google, the search engine that really matters these days, is going more and more toward ‘local’ listings. Therefore sites that are deemed to be of a high quality and ranking in the country or area in question will tend to be found higher up the listings. Take the post below, for instance, which is a search for ‘Buying a Property in Montenegro’. In Ireland, this website comes at the top of the search listings in Ireland:

Advertising Overseas Property in Ireland

Advertising Overseas Property in Ireland – Local Search Matters

If you do the same search in the UK, for instance, this post will not appear at the top of the list as, being a website with content aimed at Irish users, it is considered to be of more interest to Irish internet users interested in that particular search term. Search is becoming very localised, moreso all the time, and advertising your property in highly rated UK websites won’t necessarily get them noticed in Ireland. In fact, UK focussed content is very often of terribly little interest to Irish internet users interested in overseas property.

Therefore, if you are interested in advertising overseas property in Ireland then this is the website on which to be seen – it’s where everbody in Ireland interested in overseas property comes.

Advertising Overseas Property in Ireland – Contact Me Now

If you wish to speak with me about your options in terms of promoting your property, development, resort or even country in Ireland – just drop me a line on

Advertising Overseas Property in Ireland

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