Irish Meetings about Class Action against Martinez Echevarria, Legal Independence and MRI Overseas Property

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Legal Meetings in Ireland

If there are any readers out there who purchased property from MRI Overseas Property and feel they got a raw deal, were not properly represented legally, or did not receive what they paid for, then they should probably attend a round of meetings scheduled for Belfast and Dublin over the coming weekend. The meetings are aimed at gathering candidates for a Class Action against Martinez Echevarria, Legal Independence and MRI Overseas Property.

The meetings are to be held in Belfast on Saturday June 11th. Those interested can contact

If you are closer to Dublin then the meeting is on June 12th at Dublin Airport. If you are interested contact  The organisers have said the meetings in Dublin could extend to Monday morning from 9am to 11am for an 11.30am finish, if necessary.

According to MRI-SG the purpose of these meetings is to have individual cases assessed by a reputable lawyer from Spain, and to have assessed clients with a verifiable case to join the class action if they so wish.

The organisers say clients will need to bring the following documents in order to have their cases assessed:

Passport – Contract – Proof of payment – any relevant communiciations (including any emails that you think might be relevant – the lawyer decide if they are important or not).

Numbers are limited to 20 contract assessments per day and just a maximum of five on Monday morning, as the assessments are on a one-to-one basis, but the organisers have stressed that this doesn’t mean that it is exclusive. If you cannot attend any of the meetings mentioned above, but are interested in joining the Class Action then you can email to discuss your options.

The lawyer will also give an overview to the group regarding his approach to the case and what he thinks can be achieved.


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Diarmaid Condon is Ireland's foremost Independent Overseas Property Consultant and Journalist. He has been in the industry since 1995 and, in that time, has been a strong advocate for improved legal protection in the sector.


  1. Dear Diarmaid,
    Myself, son and another couple purchased in Cabanas,Portugal in a development called Sao Jose 7,again with MRI. These last two years it is sitting half finished. Builder ran out of money. Are you dealing with any other parties involved in Sao Jose. Basically we keep hitting brick walls and need constructive help.

  2. Jez and Jackie swann

    Dear Diarmaid,
    We purchased in Lagos, Portugal, back in 2008 St. Amaro complex. After 1 year realising that the developer was never going to complete Ie; no works happening, and him offering us alternate property we specifically stated that we no longer wished to proceed. ME were acting on our behalf !!
    Big mistake . They had apparently entered us into a promissory contract . We only recently discovered what this is. They even signed the contract with the developer on our behalf.. Boy were we naive. We have been totally misrepresented by ME/MRI help

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