Go2CapeVerde Moves out of Ireland

Go2Cape Verde Moves out of IrelandGo2CapeVerde Moves out of Ireland

Any of you following the movements of, Clonakilty native, Tom Sheehy will be interested in this piece. Sheehy, to the uninitiated, is the erstwhile Irish property developer that took Cape Verde by storm in the mid-noughties but has since fallen out with most of his former colleagues and partners, many of whom claim to have been defrauded by Sheehy. You’ll find some articles previously written about Tom Sheehy here.

He is involved in a raft of litigation from companies and former colleagues with whom he has previously done business. Channel Islands based Stirling Mortimer will take Sheehy to the Commercial Court in Dublin on September 16th 2013. He has already had one unsuccessful outing in Dublin’s High Court against Paradise Beach owners the Cotter brothers from Cork and, having failed to deliver on the judgement against him he is due to cross swords with them again on October 14th at the same venue. He is also the subject of a European Enforcement Order from Brian Murphy O’Connor and Ted Whittaker, also from Cork – see further on this case here. One wonders what passes for dinner-time conversation at the Sheehy household on your average day.

Sheehy, along with his wife Rita (pictured above in Cape Verde) and their family, has been living in Lisbon for some time, which is why Murphy O’Connor and Whittaker were forced to seek a European Enforcement Order to execute an €8.5 million judgement against him achieved in the Irish Commercial Court.

This particular post is in relation to Sheehy’s company, Go2CapeVerde, better known by its trading name Cape Verde Development, which has changed the address for both its directors, Tom and Rita Sheehy, to the Cape Verdean island of San Vincente. The alteration was made in the records of the CRO in a document dated August 1st 2013, stamped received by the CRO on August 13th with the effective change date backdated to June 14th 2013. The new address given in San Vincente is Apt. 6B, Rua de Barcellos, Mindelo, Sao Vincente, Cape Verde (see below). It is the same street as the Don Paco Hotel.

Sheehy is obviously not broadcasting the reasoning behind this move, but it is likely that it is to help create a further layer of obfuscation for legal actions being undertaken against him and his partner, Niall Fleming. Fleming is currently believed to be in Liverpool with the purpose of residing in the UK for long enough to file for bankruptcy there. Cape Verde is, of course, in Africa and European legal judgements mean little or nothing there unless brought to court in Cape Verde. Many purchasers of property in Cape Verde will verify that this is a time consuming, frustrating and expensive process not guaranteed to have the desired outcome. Sheehy is also known to be very well connected with the upper echelons of the legal establishment in Cape Verde.

One of the plaintiffs against Sheehy said: “It is likely that he is trying to put as much space between himself and Ireland as possible and increase the jurisdictions involved.”

Sheehy has also changed the status of Go2CapeVerde to that of a wholly owned subsidiary of Balwerk IX which is one of Fleming and Sheehy’s company vehicles in the Atlantic island of Madeira.

Download (PDF, 93KB)

Go2CapeVerde’s B1 Annual Return and Abridged Accounts for the firm are also included below. The company is showing heavy losses at the end of 2011 and, even at that, is holding out hope for €1.85m. in commissions that is strongly disputed.

Download (PDF, 336KB)

Download (PDF, 146KB)

Go2CapeVerde Moves out of Ireland

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