Excelia London Meetings May 5th to 7th 2012

Medeterranea-Saidia development MoroccoExcelia London Meetings May 5th to 7th 2012

If you’ve purchased property from Fadesa, Martinesa Fadesa, Fadesa Maroc, Addoha or Excelia as it is now called, in Morocco, then this topic may be of some interest. Pardon all the names, it’s the same company, but it makes it as difficult as possible to keep tabs on what it is calling itself at any particular point in time which, in itself, should serve as a warning for anyone thinking of dealing with any of the entities.

I’ve been contacted by a couple of Excelia clients who have been invited to a meeting in London between May 5th and 7th 2012. It is an official meeting instigated by Excelia to discuss the current state of play with off-plan property purchases in Saidia, on the southern Mediterranean Moroccan coastline. Most of the purchases were made between 2006 and 2008, but all have been very badly delayed in their completion. Quite a few are currently coming to completion but clients are very unhappy about the finished product, and consequently slow to hand over completion payments, which seems to be why Excelia is organising these meetings.

The meetings are to be held at Novotel London West, 1 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London W6 8DR – see here for the hotel’s website.

A number of Irish buyers here are keen to get in touch with other investors purchasing on Saidia. One has recently had a structural survey completed that threw up a lot of structural issues which couldn’t be investigated  thoroughly because the property was being lived in by a number of workmen! Always a reassuring outcome.

In any case, it appears that there are a lot of questions over developments currently being completed by Excelia, not least that the quality of the completed buildings is very disappointing and not at all to the specification listings given when these properties were purchased off plan.

If you’ve purchased from any of the above entities and would like to meet up with others attending the meetings you can use me as a conduit, I’ll pass details between all interested parties.

Just drop me a line on info@diarmaidcondon.com, verify that you are not a spammer on SpamArrest, and I’ll do the rest. Alternatively, if you wish to have others see your opinion, you can post a comment at the end of the post.

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  1. mohammad saleem

    cotact 01618328904

  2. I have purchased property in costa esuri from fadesa and am interested in contacting other owners with the intention of exploring options for the recovery of deposits and monies.Due to the fact that the project has not been completed

    • I had paid deposit on an apt in Alcudia Smir in 2007..and as the case with other investors it has not been completed..

      I send my cancellation documents in August ’08 and was told it would be refunded within a few months but the years when by and nothing happened and i was told that the apt would have to be resold before i would get refunded which it did at the end of 2010..

      But yet again there was no movement from the developer to make refund,so i decided to phone and email the developers office and spoke to many staff members who kept telling me that the refund will be made but could no give any time frame ..I got hold of all the email addresses of all the top people of the company and bombarded them with some stern emails and within a month i received the refund less 25%..

      The Company director did apologized by email for for problems.

      My advice is don’t rely on lawyer’s which i did, better to do it your self and take no crap or be intimidated by these people its your money and they broke the contract from my experience contracts means nothing…

      Hope this helps to give you some hope of resolving the issue

      • Brian,
        Have issued cancellation documents to Fadessa in respect of apartment purchased in Alkudia Smir development and have followed numerous routes to recovery of deposit to far (including bank guarantee, legal ections, contact with Moroccan embassy etc) but to no avail. Would be interested in speaking to you to ascertain how your sucess came about and maybe to get some of the email address’s from you if possible etc.
        Would be obliged if you would contact me at your earliest convenience on lonerganfinancial@gmail.com or 087-8178485 at any time.

      • Hi Brian,

        I too put a deposit on an appartment in Alcudia Smir and cannot get my deposit back, eventhough I have completed all the documentation. Is it possible for you to give me the names or email of the Directors and I can do the same. Thanks for your help. We took out an extra mortgage on our own house for this in 2006 and have been paying back with nothing to show for this. Thanks for your help…Mary

      • Brian

        Please could you let me know the email addresses of who I could contact in Excelia to approach about a refund on a deposit paid on AP5 in Saidia?

        Thanks very much

  3. Hi,

    View below the links of reactions in France from victims harmed by Excelia (Addoha / Fadesa) when purchasing their property in Saidia. Please post your comments and reactions on these websites


  4. Victims of ADDOHA/Excelia//GFM/Fadesa, a demonstration is planned in January 2013 at the ADDOHA office in Paris. You will find all the details of this event at the following address: http://www.scoop.it/t/victimes-immobilier-a-saidia . Made the message to your friends. There will be victims who buy in Saidia, Marrakech or Tanger. We will be supported by media: Yabiladi, Al Jazeera, BFM, the daily Le Parisien, Atlantic Radio and Radio Orient.
    This is the time to express your anger. join us

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