Italian Property Renovation

Italian Property Renovation

There is a piece in this week’s copy of Ireland’s Business Post (formerly the Sunday Business Post, now rebranded) on Italian Property Renovation. The piece is recreated below for those of you that do not have access to the Business Post website, it is behind a paywall.

I’d like to thank all at for all their assistance, particularly owners Annalise Angelotti and Simone Rossi along with their excellent PR, Samanta Crocetti. Without their help I would not have been able to put the article together.

The piece has been written specifically about the lovely area of Marche in Italy, geographically north of Rome on the opposite Adriatic coastline. It would, however, be very similar for other Italian areas. The one major advantage of Marche is that it is a lot cheaper than fashionable areas like Tuscany, Lombardy and Umbria.

Flights to Marche are via Ancona or Pescara. I flew with Ryanair through Standsted for my visit, but there are flights from other UK airports. At time of writing there are no direct flights from Irish airports.

You may ask ‘Why Italian property renovation?’, and the answer is that a lot of people actually have a dream of renovating a property overseas, no matter how daft that may sound. Most don’t act on the dream, but quite a few do. So I point out a few of the realities (and expenses) in this piece.

As you’ll see in the piece, director of, Annalise Agneloti, says that one-fifth of the portal’s searches involve ‘renovation’, this increases to almost a quarter of searches from mad Irish people. Much of it is aspirational, but still. Tuscany has experienced the ‘renovation revolution’ for many years now, it is even referred to as ‘Chianti-shire’ in certain circles. It is also now very expensive so eyes, and wallets, are being diverted to Marche as a viable alternative.

Italian Property Renovation

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