Michael Lynn Interview

Michael Lynn InterviewMichael Lynn Interview

There have been a number of articles about Michael Lynn since he fled Ireland in the midst of a huge furore over his actions as a solicitor, his activities as a property tycoon, accusations of mortgaging many properties on multiple occasions with different banks and, of course, taking deposits for properties overseas that never materialised through his company KenDar Holdings. Most of these articles, apart from a couple in the Irish Mail on Sunday a few years ago by Michael O’Farrell, were written in the absence of any comment from Mr. Lynn himself. This particular Michael Lynn Interview, carried in the March 2013 issue of Dublin’s Best magazine (the website disappeared very shortly after the first issue of the magazine was distributed) is interesting for two reasons.

The first is that this is the first Michael Lynn interview to appear since Lynn and his wife Bríd became Brazilian citizens on the back of the birth of their son in Brazil at the end of 2011. The second reason it is interesting is that the interview is, allegedly, conducted by Elio Malocco, who has his own history as a disgraced former solicitor.

In any case, I’ve been asked about this interview quite a bit because the magazine, which has just been launched by Mr. Malocco, is virtually impossible to find. Whatever else you may say about the publication, distribution is obviously not its strong point. We did manage, however, to track down a copy and have reproduced the interview below.

Dublin's Best Cover

Michael Lynn Interview

Michael Lynn Interview

Michael Lynn Interview

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