Selling a Bulgarian Property

Selling a Bulgarian Property

This post should probably read – “Selling a Bulgarian Property – it can be done” but whatever way you look at it this is a good news story in an environment where we haven’t had so many of them.

Selling a Bulgarian PropertyI had a call some time ago from a lady who shall remain nameless. She had a property in Sunny Beach in Bulgaria but was anxious to sell it. She had listed it with a company (who shall also remain nameless, but rank very highly on viewed posts on this site) but she felt, after a while, that this particular company had simply taken her money and done nothing in return. Unfortunately it’s a fairly common story in the overseas property industry.

Subsequently she had come across another Dublin based company, who also promised that they could help with selling her Bulgarian property. At this stage, however, she didn’t have much confidence in anybody relating to selling a Bulgarian Property so she was looking for reassurances. She contacted me and asked if I knew of the company and its owner and whether they were reputable or not.

I’ve actually known the owner for many years and was more than happy to vouch for his trustworthiness – so I did. The lady committed to them and, within a few months, her property was sold. It was not sold for anything like the price at which she’d purchased it, but this was never promised at any stage in proceedings and she was very happy to receive the amount she did actually receive.

This post is merely to say that, while there may be a lot of doom and gloom being peddled around the markets about the impossibility of selling a Bulgarian Property, it’s not always as bleak as you may be led to believe.

Not alone was the lady very pleased with the result in this particular instance, she encouraged me to tell her tale to anybody that would like to read about it. So here it is.

Selling a Bulgarian property these days, which are pretty challenging, is not easy, but it can be done. If you need to sell a Bulgarian property drop me a line on and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Selling A Bulgarian Property

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  1. He I hear sales in sunny is looking more hopeful

    • Helen,

      my understanding of the current climate is that if clients are prepared to drop their asking prices to the level the market is prepared to pay then sales can be achieved. If, however, you are expecting to get back what you paid for a property you could be waiting a long time.

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