Michael Lynn Trial

Michael Lynn Trial

The much anticipated Michael Lynn Trial will begin once the former solicitor has been extradited from Brazil, which is due imminently as this post is being written (February 2016).

Michael Lynn TrialOnce the trial is up and running I will be featuring coverage here on the site, so bookmark the page and come back regularly to see what has been happening.

If you are wondering about the background to the Michael Lynn trial you may wish to take a look at information on Michael Lynn around the site, there are quite a few posts there.

If you are looking for a brief background on the Michael Lynn trial and why Mr. Lynn is being tried by the Irish authorities then here is a precis.

Michael Lynn is a Mayo born former solicitor. During the property boom across Ireland and Europe Mr. Lynn began to specialise in work relating to property. He ultimately formed a property group. KenDar Holdings, to sell property in a range of countries around Europe, including Poland, Portugal and Bulgaria.

In 2007 Michael Lynn left Ireland as he was due to appear in the High Court on charges of mortgage fraud. It is alleged that he took out multiple mortgages on a number of properties in Ireland.

Having left Ireland Mr. Lynn lived in Portugal and Hungary before ultimately moving with his wife Bríd to Brazil. On the back of his children being born in Brazil Mr. Lynn sought, and ultimately achieved, Brazilian citizenship. There is no official extradition treaty between Ireland and Brazil and it has famously been used by those fleeing the authorities in jurisdictions worldwide for many years.

The Irish authorities struck a deal with their Brazilian counterparts in 2013, to allow Mr. Lynn to be extradited to Ireland on a small number of the range of charges on which they sought his extradition. Mr. Lynn’s final appeal against the extradition procedure was overruled in February 2016 and he is due to be brought back to Ireland shortly.

Michael Lynn Trial

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