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I know from speaking regularly with owners of overseas property, one of the main headaches is organising overseas property insurance, with little or no understanding of the language and no knowledge of the staff working in the local office.

It offers little in the way of ability to find out what exactly is covered in your overseas property insurance policy, your excesses, how to add valuable items to your policy when in the country and how to ensure your property is covered for the fact that it may either be a rental property or be empty while you are not resident in it.

Overseas Property Insurance – Try Doing it the Easy Way

One of the easiest ways around the problems associated with overseas property insurance, and one a lot of people are unaware of as an option, is to deal with an insurer that has offices worldwide, thus allowing you to manage your policy from home.

The very fact of being able to speak to someone about your overseas property insurance in your own language in order to make amendments, ensure that you are fully insured or even make claims should the unfortunate situation arise, can make what has the potential to be a tricky situation a lot easier to handle.

Overseas Property Insurance – It’s all in the claim

The thing about overseas property insurance, like any other insurance, is you don’t really know how well covered you are until you have to make a claim. That’s when all those nasty ‘small print’ items become relevant. The aftermath of an incident in which you have to make a claim on your overseas property insurance policy will be stressful enough, without the added difficulties of dealing with an insurance company in a foreign language and across cultural boundaries. Keeping the overseas property insurance process together with a company in which you have trust along with ease of access and communication can often make a lot of sense for overseas property owners.

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