The Listed Property Show – Olympia London – Feb 18 & 19

Listed Property Show, Olympia, February, 2012. The Listed Property Show – Olympia London – Feb 18 & 19 2012

The UK based Listed Property Owners Club will hold its annual show at the Olympia in London on Saturday and Sunday, February 18th & 19th 2012. It is predominantly for UK owners, or prospective owners, of listed properties but in the absence of a similar event in Ireland I’m afraid it’s as good as you’re going to get from an Irish perspective. Of course if you’d like to consider investing in a UK listed building it will be an ideal opportunity to speak to a range of professionals that can give you a better idea of what exactly lies in store for you in the purchase and maintenance of such a building.

Here’s the description from the Listed Property Owners Club which is running the show:

“The Listed Property Show is a free event for select listed property owners, designed to banish all your domestic nightmares and ensure another 12 months of healthy home-ownership. For February 2012 we’ve bought together the industry’s best, all under one glorious roof in London’s Olympia.

There’s no other event like it. It’s a unique opportunity for a stress free one-to-one session with working conservation officers who will happily talk you through any hypothetical plans that you may have about altering or extending your home. Alongside these officers are very experienced architects and planners, window and door manufacturers, craftsmen, and “caring” builders as well as the rather more prosaic experts in fire protection or insurance. We’ve got them all in one place for just two days in Central London.”

You’ll find full details of the show here (or click on the associated picture above to go to the listing on the Olympia’s website).

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