Recovering Deposits from Excelia’s Saidia Mediterrania, Morocco

Medeterranea-Saidia development MoroccoRecovering Deposits from Excelia’s Mediterrania Saidia development, Morocco

If you are in a position of having put a deposit on a property in the Excelia development of Saidia Mediterrania in Morocco then you may well be quite interested in this piece.


NOTE: New findings by the Spanish Supreme Court mean that those who signed contracts with Spanish companies like Property Logic and Fadesa, who deposited funds into a Spanish Bank Account and had Spanish Bank Guarantees may be able to reclaim their funds via Ley 57/68 in Spain. Click here to learn more.


Essentially I have been quite heavily involved in organising a legal action against Excelia to recover deposits for property purchased, but not delivered, in Alcudia Smir on Morocco’s Mediterranean coastline.

In the course of this particular action I came into contact with a number of people involved not with Alcudia Smir, but with Saidia Mediterrania instead. To say that they were not happy with what they had encountered to date would be to put it mildly and, from the following website, it would appear that they are not alone in their frustration (we apologise for borrowing their picture to go with this piece).

Unfortunately, to date we’ve not got enough interested clients in the development to justify taking a group action against Excelia (formerly known as Fadesa, Martinesa Fadesa, Fadesa Maroc and Addoha prior to its being called Excelia – nothing with this group appears to be straightforward).

I am currently looking for people who have invested in this development and who have, to date, not received their properties, even though the due date has long since passed.

If you are interested in speaking with me about the issue just send an email to and I’ll come back to you on it.

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Diarmaid Condon is Ireland's foremost Independent Overseas Property Consultant and Journalist. He has been in the industry since 1995 and, in that time, has been a strong advocate for improved legal protection in the sector.


  1. awaiting a deposit refund. where to go from here

  2. I put a deposit on a flat in AP5 six years ago. The property is still not completed and I’d very much like to have a refund, even if they ever complete it. I’ve lost interest and confidence in this development.

    • Just to be clear, this is AP5 in Saidia, as I understand there is another that is also facing issues.

    • Hi Naomi,
      I also put a deposit in a 2bed room apt. in AP5 saidia and waiting for refund,I am also planing to go to casablanca to their head office. please contact me and we can demand our
      deposit back together.


  3. 6/7 years ago we made deposits for an apartment on Magnum and were told earlier this year that they were ready. But, apparently they were not up to standard. Anyway, we are now wanting our money back as we no longer wish to go ahead after all this time and are thinking of going out there in the New Year. Not sure quite where to start. Can anyone help??

  4. Some websites containing reactions in France from victims of Excelia (Addoha / Fadesa) who have put deposits on property in Saidia.

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